Enfield, NH (USA) October 6, 2010 – The Enfield 250th Anniversary Steering Committee is pleased to announce that Becky Powell, a local artist and weaver, created the winning design for the Enfield 250th Anniversary logo. The announcement was made at the Steering Committee’s September meeting. The new logo will be used on all materials promoting the celebration in 2011. (View Full Press Release)

Enfield, New Hampshire, September 14, 2010 – The Enfield Village Association (EVA) announced today that it is opening its office in the Copeland Building as an Information Office and welcomes visiting tourists, local business people, residents or anyone relocating to the area seeking information about Enfield and the surrounding areas. The official opening will be September 21st. (View Full Press Release)

Enfield, NH (USA) June 1, 2010 – On July 4th 2011, Enfield will celebrate its 250th anniversary. In 1761, Enfield, along with several other Upper Valley communities was chartered by Benning Wentworth, then Royal Governor of the Province of New Hampshire. In conjunction with this anniversary, the Enfield Heritage Commission and the Enfield Village Association announced today that the Steering Committee for the Town of Enfield 250th Anniversary has launched a logo contest. (View Full Press Release)

Enfield, NH (USA) October 31, 2009 – The Enfield Heritage Commission announced today that in January, 2010, they will submit an application to the NH Division of Historic Resources for placing Enfield Village on the National Register of Historic Places. Once reviewed and approved by the NH Division of Historic Resources, the application will then be forwarded to the US Department of the Interior for approval. The expectation is that Enfield will have its National Historic Register District in place sometime in the spring of 2010 well in advance of Enfield’s 250th Anniversary in July, 2011. (View Full Press Release)