Greeley House


Greeley EVA - GH - new facade

Greeley House Committee

This historic building, located at 3 Shaker Hill Road is coming to completion.  EVA purchased this property with the intent to preserve yet another of Main Street’s older buildings.

The decision was made to restore the Greeley House to serve two purposes, which includes a new permanent office for the Enfield Village Association, and a single family rental, which will help support the EVA space.

EVA’s operations are now housed in the front part of the building and the residential unit was completed and rented in June of 2016. The committee continues to work to raise funds to pay off the mortgage for the completion of this project.

For information contact:

Harry Trumbull, Property maintenance

If you would like to donate to the Greeley House fundraising effort, you can either send in a check to the office, or click here: Donations

For more information, contact the office.